Haec olim meminisse ivvabit


A broken tongue won’t lead me into tomorrow

The words I speak bring powerful outcomes

You can say I’m insane

And maybe a little crazy but it’s rare

To see through eyes with intentions

And follow all hope with despair

I’ll write it in any language to catch and compare

That there is no other situation that you would be there

So solidified and heightened to be elevated

Lifted and stretched across my world to extend bliss

I’ll open up my eyes and then kiss

Because I don’t want to miss any moments

And only if I feel my way through then I will really know what it took to get to the end

Keeping it simple with my love, my weed, and my laptop

Ain’t no need for them extra friends

Love tunes to fuse them in with my property

I will separate myself from the obvious and rise questions about what’s clouded in

I’m reaching far beyond opportunity and will not make amends

Never catch me when I’m falling

All so I can live my life to win


——<3 Time Heals All Things


Copyright 2014 Ta’Mesha Smith



Everyday is your day. Own it with productivity for success.

Traveling down unknown pathways and on the edge of adversity.
In my silence of pain I’ve created this masterpiece.
In only so many ways can this be explained.
Until some time again in a near future.
I will make sure you comprehend the rest.
Into the walls of my chest.
I cave with each second that passes.
Turning upside down empty glasses.
My mind portrays that it’s all about action.

To new beginnings that never happened.

Copyright 2014 Ta’Mesha Smith

best is yet to come

Reality and Faith


Lost between my reality and my faith

Sometimes hidden blessings get lost along the way

Difficult and dreadful to put a smile on my face

Looking to God to deliver me from such rage

Sorrow doesn’t last through the entirety of our days 

Copyright 2013 Ta’Mesha Smith

Love’s Undone


Who cares about the worthless notions you put forward

All in effort to erase the words I would previously record

What me and you had was tragic like I can’t even grasp it

Holding onto the concept of you in my mind

Replaying your voice saying the sweetest things that my heart cannot yet interpret

The look you give me on some days puts me into a quick state of confusion

But then I have to realize and remember you were never really here

And the minuscule energy you forever gave felt like an eternity of lies 

Copyright 2013 Ta’Mesha Smith

7:25 P.M.


I’m usually never lonely
But there are those days when my sunshine can’t take the pain away
All my laughs and jokes
Showing care to careless folks
Running around playing with the yolks
Because the eggheads don’t get it yet
To be great you have to be the best
Like days when I don’t fit in
Or trying to mesh with other’s bestfriends that don’t quite comprehend my complexities
Now not to sound so worried
Just showing off what’s blurry
My difficulties sometimes bring out the worse in me
Fences all made of steel
Snotty nose and back pain
Like damn , all this heavy lifting is getting to me again
There was a time when I would cry countless tears
Shy away from judgmental ears so they can’t nitpick at me like rats
These nghas chasing down these cats
But see I’m all about personality
On my way to this vow of celibacy
Because I’ve been fucked for way to long
Like I was always out with a smile and a thong
But really looking for acceptance
Or atleast a little understanding
And the reoccurring mishandlings of my good intentions
Do I really see exactly what is around me?
Or am I living in my false presumption , some days pitiful, other days happy , screwed up , scribbled much , far too in depth but brainwashed reality …?

Copyright 2013 Ta’Mesha Smith

Love Spasms


Read my lips slowly so you can interpret every aspect of me. Watching the words roll off my tongue and onto your heart. Pink is within each and every motivation of my body. Love ache spasm triggering every few seconds. And the minutes turn into hours. Could I fall into your love and lie there for an eternity?

Copyright 2013 Ta’Mesha Smith

Quiet Faces of Jealously


The quiet faces of jealously speaks louder unspoken
With envy stuck in between teeth like the different shades of green
Spinach for its protein to keep hate strong and alive
Surviving through all acts of kindness
And reaching to poor destinations of violence

Insecurity sadly speaks louder than confidence
Although it is overshadowed and overpowered by high volumes of esteem for ones self
Recycled thoughts on replay
There’s no such thing as rewind
And fast forwarding creates unprepared anxiety with time
Look to yourself for all truths

They are within you

Copyright 2013 Ta’Mesha Smith

What will I choose to posses?


Trials and tribulation from the outside in
Discrete motivation softly spoken to push aside any worries my soul may have

Mother may I grow up to say that life is too weird for me?
How do I decipher between the fact and fiction that hope throws at me?

God speaking to me solely for the purpose of guidance, comfort

So am I truly without anything?
Because within me I posses any aspect of the world that is is composed of

Copyright 2013 Ta’Mesha Smith

Love Admires You


Romantically speaking, love is always admiring you. In all of your essential states it sees your heart. These are the misunderstandings that plague the best of us. Love has no image to uphold or standards that make them ungrateful. It is patiently waiting for us to notice it and take advantage of the benefits. Often times it comes with confusion, mislead illusions developed from ignorance and mis-education. Common misrepresentations by our peers and influences.

But what do I know? I’ve only noticed the negative effects from it. The downfalls of what once was. All my love has truly sustained its strength with the injuries I have inflicted upon it. So today it still stands. True love will never fall, fail, plummet, or be destroyed by even the toughest adversities.

Copyright 2013 Ta’Mesha Smith