Sunday Affirmation


Seeing You Alone

Seeing You Alone

I wish I could be there for you

In a time of precious need

My heart bleeds for the times that we’ve missed

If only we had kissed, I could feel more connected

But I’ve collected too much pain

And selected for you to not be in my brain

It makes things easier than to strain what’s already broken

My vulnerability is open

You are my ocean that has stolen my pieces of sanity

Moving On and Letting Go (Even When It Hurts)

Our spirits give us clear advice when it is time to move on from a situation. Maybe we’re not listening, maybe we don’t want to hear it or maybe we are simply ignoring the feelings within our gut that tell us otherwise. An attachment has been created that is going to cause pain upon leaving. Is it fair to ourselves to remain stagnant when it is time to grow? The things we may be holding onto is quickly taking up space for our vital growth. The pieces of you being held up are the same pieces that need to be replaced with more love and life. Only the light will allow this to happen. In the presence of struggle there is a risk for damage. Some things are not replaceable. Some pieces of us leave and are not always the easiest to regain. You must protect your peace at all cost. There must be strength found through the pain to be able to get on the other side to happiness and feeling whole again.

It could be a career. It could be a relationship. Or it could be pieces of ourselves and feelings that no longer serve us. We must be open and vulnerable to the moment to ensure honesty is being upheld. We must love ourselves with integrity.


The only way to be secure in the outside world is to be secure within the realms of your own being. In order to be comfortable on Earth, we must be comfortable within ourselves and the world that lives within us. How you feel about yourself ultimately comes down to the thoughts you allow yourself to think. The thoughts that you allow yourself to believe. I have made a decision to only speak life to myself and those around me, especially people that I love and hold close to my heart. Speaking life means instead of being mean and negative in my dialogue towards myself I am choosing self-love and compassion even in the toughest of times. It doesn’t matter what I’ve done. I love you versus you’re stupid, for a simple mistake. Unconditional love is the only form that truly matters. The only form of love that can truly heal.

When I used to think about security, I would put so much emphasis on the outside world and how it did or did not contribute to my security. Lessons have taught me that the real security comes from within. If you are always secure within yourself, you will be naturally guided to security within this world. You would accept no less than the security that you need. Self-love allows us to identify exactly what it is we need to thrive best within this gigantic universe.

Hopeless Romantic

Being a hopeless romantic has always been good for my soul. Love has always had the ability to conquer all when the only thing else to choose is struggle. I’ve had my share of romantic relationships but none quite like this. We complete each other and make one another whole as if we were separated in a past life. The foundation of our relationship is acceptance. A friendship that has blossomed to ecstasy. My desire at this stage in my life is to be in love with life itself, my words, my children, and all good things in totality. My lover as well. I don’t need any titles, just him being my person is all that’s needed right now.

I love being in love. I wake up every morning with intention and within that is to choose all things that make me happy. I must choose all things that make me feel good. A vulnerability and openness to be able to feel love because I have overcome pain many times before. We must allow ourselves to heal from similar or same pains from our past.

This relationship for me signifies healing. A moment to realize just how special I am and what I am actually worth. What we receive in life is grounded a great deal in what we accept and how we value ourselves. Healing can be within your own realm and within someone else’s arms. I pray that they are always warm and welcoming arms that won’t damage more than heal. Creating a place for love and not struggle. Also, creating a space where I am able to feel 100% of the time and it is not criticized. Not confusing my passion for romance with insecurities. Ultimately these needs I must be able to give myself as well.

The connection of the ying and yang is like no other. We were created to have a counterpart. It is the primary means of creation. We must be comfortable with being alone while destined to find our match. That one person in this big universe that understands us, and everything clicks. I believe that person is somewhere for everyone. We must have the courage and self-love to know this is true. We are worthy of love just as we are. With the right counterpart we can grow as individuals and together. Everyone is entitled to unconditional love.

How We Treat Others

I finally understand that it’s not about how others treat you. It has always been about how you treat them. Your relationship with yourself is more important than your relationship with others. Ultimately, how do you want to be? If your energy isn’t tolerated, reciprocated, or celebrated, then you can leave. We can choose silence. We can always remove our energy from their spaces. We become victims by forgetting that we have free will.