The Fear of Fearing Fear Itself


A single word that sends chills through my eager veins

A temptation to run and escape all my eager pains

Tears bound to breach through my tear ducts at any moment

I wish I had an unlimited supply of glue so I can hold in

…. All the feelings and emotions that have placed me under control


Brought out the worst in me when I know I can be a better person

The fear of not having the love and all I ever wanted

Fear of not reaching my dreams because of my sulking at the moment

I seem to never place my logic as the main component

What’s present in my heart to me seems more important

I can no longer fear the side effects of fear itself

Because that results in the fear of failure

And there will be no success without going through hell’s broken heartache

I can continue to sit around and analyze

Contemplating what’s wrong and what’s right

But that will forever be time wasted

Time that cannot be attained even with the reality of the numbing of my pain

I know there is confidence to be regained

And strength that has to sustain the uncertainties of tomorrow

So much depression I feel like my heart is becoming hollow

But no pity is deserved

No unhappiness and no sorrows

Because although a breakthrough may take hours

Its well under play

I’m well on the verge of saying this agony ends today

Fear has the ability and the potential to take control of your life

Your future, your present, your realities, and your dreams

Fear can hold you back and confine you to unsatisfying nights

Fear fears the fact that your vocabulary have added the words such as “i can” “i will” “happiness” and most importantly “try”

The only person who loses is you

As you continue to be confined by the truth and false perception that you will never make it

Copyright 2012 Ta’Mesha Smith


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