A lot of times old wounds are indeed not healed, we only mask the feelings or convince ourselves that we don’t care and either catch a rebound or catch a negative attitude without full recovery.

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We will rotate the same emotional reactions with different people until we can see that it is not the person we are reacting to, it is the emotional pain that we carry from the initial wound.

 The replay of our anger, jealousy, hate and distrust are all emotions that resurface with different people because they stem from a wound in our past that was never healed. We place blame on people and situations for our feelings and outbursts of negative emotions but in truth, we can only place blame on our self, for our uncontrolled reactions that stem from our old unhealed wounds.

We cannot change what happened in the past but the past holds the key  to why we react negatively … In looking at what caused our initial emotional pain we can see that it is the” feeling”…

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