Evolution of Love

love .
it’s only a four letter word but means so much more to me because your happiness is what i adore .
the strength of your hold .
you keep
a tight grip on me .
…escalating into a happiness that is full of an ego-less eternity
it’s like there’s a we …
and i know because WE created this love eternally .
put force forward physically .
you gave life to me .
something so small but yet so giant .
something so simple but no i can never climb it ;
i can never grasp the concept of having you constantly by my heart .
my side
my own little guide .
the compass in your eyes ….
they ..speak . to me .

Copyright 2012 Ta’Mesha Smith


2 thoughts on “Evolution of Love

  1. Nice. I was talking to my son yesterday about cultures that put no value on love, whre your mate is chosen for you before you are even born, where women are treated as prroperty. I want him to know how good he has it. Your words evoke that message in a different way.

    1. Thank you for commenting! We do sometimes take for granted the simple freedoms we have such as who to spend our life with. I couldn’t imagine not being able to express love to the person you wish to show it to the most.

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