The Mis-education of Blacks

Beautiful black female walks by
The male approaches
Pours out his heart and holds out his hand
But it’s more of what he sees in the back of her pants
She rejects then
He wants to flip the script
“Fuck you bitch”
We degrade our females down to a level
To where it seems as though we could have never respected our mothers
But not only with the female do we degrade
But as women we should also focus on changing our ways
Being there for our black men
Because they are the true minorities in our society
Leading their lives so blindly
The least we could do is show our support
Even for the days where they have to appear in court
Being black is not as bad as it seems
Being black we know how to chase our dreams
We know what it feels like to not come from anything
No silver spoon to feed our mouths
Only people telling us “we can’t”
While filling our heads with doubts
Our single mothers doing anything to provide
To put food in her babies mouths
Even if that involves sliding up &down a pole
You cannot judge her soul
I mean
It’s all she knows
Who has the right to say someone is not living their life right?
What about what you do behind closed doors or
When you’re alone at night?
The color of skin does not matter to me
Just the fact that we are all free
We should respect that
Our brothers and sisters over in other countries
Freedom is one thing their soul lacks
Binding the words and thoughts in their minds together
Leading them to torture
Leading them to suicide
Leading our race
To suicide
Not only in our eyes but in the eyes of society

Copyright 2012 Ta’Mesha Smith


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