Dreamer by Day, Insomniac by Night

Most nights, insomnia gets the best of her. She lies awake in her bed for countless hours still daydreaming as if the sky has not already kissed her goodnight. But the kisses to her seem selfish. For the moon to have the privilege to shine into the depths of the night without a care, because it knows when day breaks, it can finally rest. All the stresses of its night are put away with the sunrise. A sense of jealously consumes her mind since freedom is not an option. Sleepless nights confined by the limits of her dreams. During the day she is powerful and limitless. Counting sheep makes her mind weaker because it triggers the burdens of her pillows. The soft white cotton that can’t seem to comfort her migraine the correct way. Let alone relieve the weight of her worries. Forever will she be a dreamer with insomnia to comfort her in a tormenting way. Oh how dreams can be a blessing and a curse. Happiness is what everyone would like to grasp but can still be filled with hurt.

Bid me goodnight as my dreams turn into reality.

Copyright 2012 Ta’Mesha Smith


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