Get Back Up and TRY

As many of you may know, from my previous posts, I have a soon to be 10 month old baby girl. I never intended for any parenting blogs to arise when I started only a few weeks ago, but while observing her today I learned something very, very important about us humans and the beautiful innocence of childhood. I watch her each day finding new things to climb up on, new things to try and open and constantly turning to a different page within her books. Although it literally tears my nerves up to watch her try all these new things, I watched, I silently watched as she constantly fell and go right back up to try. She’s mastering opening and closing the drawer of the nightstand and although there is the possibility that she can seriously injure herself or fall flat on her face, that doesn’t matter to her. She has no knowledge of the consequences of her actions as she is trying to explore and learn new things. The consequences are irrelevant to her because she is determined to learn this new skill. She is determined that every time she falls, she will get right back up as if nothing ever happened. And even if something did happen such as a fall, there are some tears shed from fright and/or hurt, but without even letting the tears fully dry, she gets up and tries once again.

They don’t care what may happen, they must learn, they must grow, and they must not give up. I think we can all learn something from this. Just as she always turns to a new page which such ease, such grace. Seeing each page as something she has never seen before. It’s a beautiful learning process for the both of us.

Copyright 2012 Ta’Mesha Smith


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