Finding the Balance

I am at a very critical part of my life right now. I’m learning so many new things about myself and this world around me. With being a new mother, moving to a new city, and finally deciding that now is the time where I HAVE to chase my dreams. Time doesn’t wait on anyone and I believe now is the time for me to get off my high horse like life is going to just throw things my way while saying “Here you go! You can have it, no work, no sacrifices, just progress without true progression”. Yeah, wouldn’t that be nice if we could speak our lives into existence without having to figure things out. But back to the task at hand, balance.

There are many roles we must play in our day to day lives and sometimes one personality creeps off into others without letting us know before hand. And that is fine, you just have to find the balance in each situation with each person you encounter. These thoughts got me into wanting to actually do a little exercise to help myself establish the most important roles that I play in my life and the many hats I must wear. When it comes to my career, keeping these people separate will greatly come in hand.

So who is this MeshaLeigh? Well, she is a writer, a mother, a daughter, a lover, a friend, a dreamer and much more. Each one of those people have their own hats to wear, with their own personality attached to each of them. The crazed writer is much different from the perfect mother I wish to be. The mother who doesn’t want any negativity or any of the harsh realities of the world to be known by her offspring. But I know that’s just not how life works. The world is full of the bad just as much there is the good. The daughter and the lover don’t have much of any connection. The daughter is respectful, open, vulnerable, and of course there are many sides of the lover that we would not dare creep into the daughter. But how do you find yourself between all these people? When is the day or the time where you can just be yourself with no limits, just anyone and everyone has to just take you as you are with nothing censored out?

I still haven’t mastered the idea of this “balance” yet but hopefully that skill will soon be acquired. Learning to keep myself and my personality to its full potential while still being that perfect mother that I wish to be. I’m sure there will be a part 2 to all of this.

Until next time!

Copyright 2012 Ta’Mesha Smith


3 thoughts on “Finding the Balance

  1. At 36, I’m still trying to find balance. It seems there is always something going on to disrupt whatever balance I think I’ve found. But that’s okay, as long as I’m making emotional progress. 🙂

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