I am …

I am beautiful

I am talented

I am a great mother

I am scared fearless

I am an anxious worrier brave

I am a handful joy

I am crazy unique

I am loving

I am understanding

I am difficult easy to get along with

I am creative

I am sad happy

I am hopeful

I am a pessimist optimist positive

I am weird different

I am awkward confident

I am paranoid sane

I am nervous relaxed

I am ready

I am stressed always at ease

I am powerful

I am angry forgiving

I am hurt healed

I am bored interesting

I am fun

I am aggravating have a lot of personality

I am honest

But most importantly,

I am FAR from perfect


Copyright 2012 Ta’Mesha Smith


2 thoughts on “I am …

    1. thank you for commenting! It was actually an exercise in a book I recently read (The Essence of Happiness), it truly helped me turn the negative views of myself into positives!

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