No Longer Vunerable

My heart’s out in the open like an endangered species.
I knew I should have never let my guard down,
Because the disease would target me first mentally.
Take my emotions hostage,
Place them under control,
And make me feel vulnerable when love is all I needed the most.
Opened my heart up to throw salt on it,
Like I’m a cheap ass buffet that you can feed off of when you please.
I’m disgusted at the disguise you put up over your pitiful ass eyes,
Your pitiful ass lies, that I wish I could wish away.
There is a fear in making myself not want to stay,
But the cat and mouse game that you’re always wanting to play,
Ends right now.
No black outs,
No black clouds,
Because tomorrow will still be a beautiful day even without my heart out.

Copyright 2012 Ta’Mesha Smith


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