And It Was Simple!

Previously, I stated how I was struggling with this sense of balance in my life and I have now come to this conclusion.

The artist within me is the only component of myself to which I cannot and will not ever censor. Writing comes from a place within, a place deep within my soul that has no worries , no restrictions, and no true concern for the feelings of others. With life in general, some people will understand you and some will not. If you spend any time trying to please the people within your life, you will end up trying to please everyone. I will learn to play my roles very well, since some of them I am new to and there is always room for progress and bettering my character.

I create for myself and only myself and along the way I hope to inspire others. I don’t want to portray a phony picture of who I am because that is not being true or fair to the people who understand me the most. Not everyone will love you but you can make the choice to love everyone!

Copyright 2012 Ta’Mesha Smith


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