Cupid’s Abusive Choke-hold

A relationship full of commitments

The confusing abuse always followed by expensive diamonds and presents

Bruises always seem priceless

Tell me what I did to deserve this

You said you loved me

Would never place harm upon the

Heart that never took you for granted

Your fist prints have been planted upon me too many times to count

And without a doubt I would always accept the bullshit that flew out of your mouth

You’re a coward for constantly pounding on a timid 130 lb delicate flower

You said you would never ruffle the most precious blessing you ever received

Asking for forgiveness looking like a pathetic choke-hold on your knees

You give me the strength to fuel my weakness

Faith to fuel my beliefs

And perfect timing because your time is up

Now, feeling like I have to be this tough

So losers like you can never hurt me again

Copyright 2012 Ta’Mesha Smith


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