To Be Happy “Just Because”

“Happiness is the meaning and purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.”-Aristotle

Knowing I should not fear this heartache
Society has taught me how to suppress it
Only to create further destruction for myself and lead to life long depression
Fear, pain, anger, worries
Those are things that should be apart of my acceptance
You are supposed to feed the happiness and positive emotions and not those that are potent
I can make my anger exceed dangerous levels
But to prove what point?
Why cause myself so much torment
Bad health, tunnel vision
A high level of endorphin
Trying to hide behind closed doors
Depends on where my sanity is that day
Rewire my hard drive to cue some euphoria in
To be happy “just because”
Just because
Things could always be much worse
And always being in such a negative state of mind,
The sadness becomes rehearsed
Some caught it from birth
And others from our environment
Only if we would take the time out
Really sit down and reevaluate the useless things that come our of our mouths
We’ll see that the blessings are easier to count
To be happy “just because”
It doesn’t matter if anyone doesn’t show me love,
Because I show myself
My own analyst
My own self help
Learning that I’m in control to provide myself with the seat belt of life
Tired of playing the victim
And it will soon lead me to victory
To be happy “just because”
It’s all I ever wanted
Because that will lead to the success and material things that will only last for a moment
Tell my consciousness “We did it!”
To be happy “just because”
We escaped the foul play and the dependency on drugs
The lesson broke me down
Just to build me back up
There is no escaping tough love if you believe happiness awaits you
Chaotic and beautiful is what I make my life to be
You must be responsible and honest with yourself if you really wish to be free
Free from fear
Free from the anxiety that you choose
Ignore what doesn’t feel right
And write your own set of rules
No blame
No shame
It all comes down to YOU!
Smile, dance, sing
Act if no one is watching or constantly judging you
Pass it on

To be happy,

Copyright 2012 Ta’Mesha Smith


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