Change Your Thoughts, They’re Lying to You

Many times in life, we can be very quick to let our thoughts get the best of us and let our feelings control how we think and how we feel about a particular situation, sometimes even how we feel about life as a whole. It diminishes our self-esteem, our outlook on life, our health, and our relationships with others and ourselves. Have you ever considered questioning your thoughts? There are times when we don’t believe everything we hear, so why is that so hard to do with the way we think? Most times it is because we are our biggest critic. There is a tunnel vision that we put before our eyes to where nothing else, no positive energy what so ever, can escape through and break that false perception that we have created. We create our own stories of how we see things that have happened to us and around us, sometimes leaving out or putting in things that are not important, making the situation bigger than what it really is. We miss the big picture. If we would only take a moment to ourselves to look beyond the surface of what is going on we may be able to see hidden blessings within the situation. There can always be just as much positive out of a situation as there is negative. Why focus on the negative? The hurt and confusion that we can never seem to understand. Why not be optimistic about any situation that life throws at us? It’ll help more than hurt to be able to see the good in everything and everyone. And sometimes if trying to see the good in a situation doesn’t work then the best thing to do is let it go. Never should you hold on to a thought or situation that you cannot change. Either make the necessary changes or stop the complaining. It’s simple as that. There comes a time when you have to take responsibility for how you feel, think, and see the world around you. Facing that truth is not always easy. We sometimes ask too much of ourselves when caring and putting our well being first is the most important.

Copyright 2012 Ta’Mesha Smith


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