Fairy Tales Do Exist

Each pleasure you give me extends itself like the infinite life of pi.
From the vibrations I feel there is no way I can deny,
This force filled of an attraction we have towards each other.
It’s like our chemical bonds are soon to erode,
Create a sensation that reaches beyond my ten toes.
As the evolution unfolds,
You have placed true life inside of me.
An intention I didn’t mean to fulfill,
But this fairy tale that you have placed in my head is far too real.
I found it was easier to destroy rather than rebuild,
So I took a chance on you.
Every lie filled with the intent to deceive.
I chose to recreate my story with you,
But now we’re past that.
Far beyond a land where my patience gets laughed at,
Because I never want to escape the truth,
That you,
Are all I need.
You are all I see.
Your love and compassion is all I need to breathe.
Received from a place of ecstasy,
But turned into something to build into a lifetime of dreams.
But can I call them dreams if you always bring them to life?
A turn by faith that you get to call me your wife.
I now smile with ease because the restraint you lifted off my knees.
I felt like I was constantly detracting myself,
Trying to lure lust in to make me complete.
But wholeness you have brought me.
The strong hold you have provided me with,
That taught me,
Love is by far the most sweetest pleasure I’ve ever known.

Copyright 2012 Ta’Mesha Smith


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