I Am The Addict

Irrational fears that stem from her past
Withdrawal from all of the detrimental energy
A constant strain provided by years of extreme anxiety
Her nights are filled with misery
All the cold-shakes trying to rekindle that detrimental fire
A counteractive drug to decrease that burning desire
Time acquired defense mechanisms
To help the coping with life’s trials
The eagerness to feel that comfort through her premature brain waves
A battle to stay focused and regenerate neural pathways
Destroy, Kill, Ruin
A future of benefit for her heart’s turmoil
A proposal worth pursuing
But she still sees the present with a blind eye
Like her struggles are forever trying to survive
And leave her in a state of loitering recovery

Copyright 2012 Ta’Mesha Smith


3 thoughts on “I Am The Addict

  1. I do like how you bring up seeing the future with a blind eye. To me, that is reminiscent of the freshness that is there in the moment alongside the struggles of our patterns and routines and addictions, and that sometimes we touch into that freshness for just a second, or a half a second, or just a single slice of a fraction of a second, and realize that maybe we can make it last a little teeny bit longer, and then it goes farther. At least that was how it hit me, very potent; amazing writing. Thank you for sharing it.

    1. Thank yu so much for your comment and also subscribing ! &also I think that is the great thing about poetry , I write it to understand something within myself and then yu interpret it in a new light that touches you somewhere deep as well , I also can’t wait to read more of yur writing 🙂

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