I Appreciate You All!

I always knew from a very young age that my journals would amount to something.  The way each word would glide onto the pages as if they were so content with being let go.  It was a release for me, a rush that I needed to feel each night.  And when ever there was a time I would go without writing for months I was either noticeably suffering or truly masking all of the emotions inside of me.  I was never sure of who cared, I never thought anyone cared to be honest about what went on in my head.  For years I would keep my notebooks a secret, a nervous wreck if I thought anyone even touched the pages of my 3 ring binders.

Now, when I wake up in the mornings I feel a burning desire in me to get up and chase the pen.  Just write something, anything that flows out of my mind because it never seems to make sense unless I can put it down in writing.  My drive is my daughter, my purpose is to create a constant flow of happiness, my mission is to inspire.  Help young adults realize their true passion and why they are special.  I believe everyone has a God given gift within each of them.  But it takes a life full of courage to constantly push through and find out what your true purpose is in life.

There’s always room to grow in life even when you think there is no more room for growth.  Just when you feel like there is no more space left in your mind something spiritual happens.  Fear creates unnecessary anxiety but you don’t give up on yourself, you don’t quit because everyone has a story to tell.  And what I have recently learned is that there is ALWAYS someone out there anxiously waiting to listen.  Someone, maybe even me, out there who understands you because they too have  suffered from all the years of pain that you have also.

Even if you read a little, every post, or skip through every single one with a disgust upon your face, I hope to still reach you in a way that inspires you with love, determination, and compassion.  Everyone is starting to look so beautiful to me and I thank you ALL for your support in each and every way! (Even if you choose to not support at all, still know that you mean SOMETHING to me!)

Copyright 2012 Ta’Mesha Smith


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