Callous Fires

Friction between our hearts causes my world to create callous fires
With the burning desires within my chest
I cave as this reality sets in that we are no longer defined as lovers
Just friends quickly approaching those boundaries where neither enemies can make amends
Curiosity is what took this love for granted
A bush full of roses now breathless where our seeds had been planted
The life that was once present has been sucked out
I yearn for the oxygen to be rekindled
Suspended in the air
With all the pressure pointed at my temple
To treat our love so unholy
And betray the one who would never put none before me
My stomach turns as my heart sinks down beneath me
My ego overshadowed the glory that you gave me
There was a sincere connection from point A to point B
Where we spiritually sunk into each other’s presence
I needed you just as much as you needed me
That powerful connection can never be disrupted
Because when you aimed to set my heart free
I vowed to never let another man wrap his hands around the weakness we had developed for each other at a lightning speed
Accept my screw ups
So I can
Tighten things back up
And continue with the development of us
Let my lips speak my peace
Again to begin to feel your touch
And let the friction subside
To fuel your taken for granted trust

Copyright 2012 Ta’Mesha Smith


3 thoughts on “Callous Fires

  1. Very nice. I read it in block form (prose poem), via the “topic search” page, but i still got where the line breaks and pauses were. i like how you tell a story of what seems to turn into unrequited love at the end – in short bursts.

    1. My mind tends to always be scattered when I write poetry but I still try to make the reader understand it lol thank you so much ! &also (I hate that it shows up in block form)

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