Mischievous Head-Ache

Faking my sanity until I can one day actually make it
Consumed with positive thoughts about negativity
These quiet nights sometimes get the best of me
I bring up past memories until I can create new ones
That is if, one day me and my feelings could get along
They love to push and shove
It’s quite tempting to bury myself in the headaches of my worries
So my outlook could contagiously get more blurry
So I won’t be the only one affected
My mind’s eye is reminiscent of the way things used to be
I dwell on the past seeing what they used to see
How can I go with fear constantly hindering
Nerves and anxiety have faithfully become a part of me
It is at my core
Rotting quickly while the worms of my seasonal decay eat at me
Decomposing into something beautiful
That’s refreshing to see
Coming out of the mist with a new feeling of recovery
There becomes a fog when the focus is on too much
My life becomes a haze like a steam to wash away my pains
Smog to cloud my lungs
Fresh batch each day in my mind to be regained
Wash away my rains for some clarity
Will I ever come to a clear conclusion?
So I don’t have to wither away in this illusion
That has been handed to me and created by my insanity

Copyright 2012 Ta’Mesha Smith


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