Come and Join the Happiness Wave

The happiness wave is composed of countless emotions felt throughout life’s accomplishments, downfalls and everyday living. It is like constantly being on the same tangent but tapping into other realms. Like taking a dive with danger but your sanity and stability lies on dry land. The quick sand sometimes tries to pull you in but you always act with patience knowing you will work your way out. The negative and hurtful emotions can’t be avoided. They are apart of you and always will be. You just can’t show them too much attention because they will feed off of you and take everything you have. Life is only a gigantic roller coaster ride, the surprises, the twists and turns, the shaky stops, the whiplash, the tears at the end as well as the laughter, that first drop into the unknown. But if we never take a shot to feel that sense of triumph at the end of each ride, knowing that one day the roller coaster will be over, then what will we feel?


Copyright 2012 Ta’Mesha Smith


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