Showing Up to the Page

Being a writer is not easy. I now say that I am a writer. Before, I never like saying that because I felt that only writing a few words on the page each day was too easy. Saying “I’m a writer”, was like saying in other words “I don’t work”. But I now fully acknowledge my talent, I acknowledge my skill. Writing is an art. Like the painter, the pianist, the singer, the rapper, the violinist, it all takes work! There is hard work when we have to create from a place within. We struggle but we rejoice, we stress and beat ourselves up but we still show up and show out, while giving it our best, heart on the page, nothing in us left. Writer’s block can only exist if you let it. Brick walls do plague us from time to time, but use your imagination to push through that wall and break it down. It’s not easy. There has to be a balance all while having discipline. We must balance hard work and relaxation, criticism and kindness, love and extreme disgust. Think about things before you started taking your writing career seriously. Some people have school, work, children, a full time job, health issues, and family problems and they still manage to write novels.


We have to believe in ourselves first before anyone else will.


Copyright 2012 Ta’Mesha Smith


6 thoughts on “Showing Up to the Page

  1. A good piece of writing (or a song or a painting or…) represents hard work and passion. Those are the qualities you need to be whatever you claim to be. Since you have them, you are a writer.

    Some writers feel silly calling themselves writers until they can make a living at it. But think of Vincent Van Gogh, who never made a dime as a painter in his lifetime. I’d still call him a painter.

    1. I never actually thought of it that way, it still sometimes feels weird to say those words to someone but why downplay myself because of how I think others will portray me?

      1. Exactly. You work hard at your craft (as do I), so why voluntarily knock yourself? There are plenty of people out there who are ready to knock us, so I don’t think we should give them a head start by doubting ourselves.

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