He Heals Me

His eyes spoke to me.
Words that my heart swore to ignore.
There’s still a clot within each vessel,
Wanting to restrict me of that vital oxygen I need to survive.
I died the moment I looked in his eyes,
He quickly shot down my pride,
Telling me I no longer had to hide behind the most transparent aura.
Attempting to cover up the hurt I once had to endure.
His promises heal me.

Each second that I’m blessed with his presence,
My being is blown by his excellence.
His healing experience that captures my full undivided attention.
The quiver reaches each nerve that I posses.
He gives me,

A sense of serenity that he provides me.
Peace within my needs.
Deprivation is never present because to soothe me is his main objective.
I waited on him with patience.
Then everything was brought to me.
A rebirth with emotional healing.

Copyright 2012 Ta’Mesha Smith


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