Let My Love Die

Shattered into broken pieces
She looks for the adhesive to put herself back together
But they rip her apart
Shred by shred
Letting the deep gashes get to her head
All she wanted was for him to care
Just to only be there
Need me, how I need you
Never lie to me and let your love speak truth
Let our love die before you let your love lie
My broken lungs begin to lose their airways
I choke on my realities waiting for his better ways
Squeezing on my windpipe
Choking like its compulsive
Then I realize that dream had never came
My wounds lie too deep
Because of him my true desires can’t speak
My emotions take advantage
My confidence can’t stand it
While my thoughts always get the best of me
I’m no longer able to love deeply
Because this heartache has pushed me
Can’t I just fall off the edge
And get it over with
Inside I am already dead
The blood can’t flow through my head
My heart has hogged all of the vital oxygen
Coping with my losses
No matter what the cost is
Let my love die

While ripping my heart away
I no longer want it

Copyright 2012 Ta’Mesha Smith


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