Toxic Waste

Train wrecks don’t stay crashed very long.
I witnessed my heart’s turmoil with my own two eyes,
Lashing out before me in its most destructive way.
The storm turned my happiness into misery.
An often attempt to recover the pieces that had injured me,
While letting the toxicity wither away.
The weight placed as a heavy burden by mistake.
The tempting distracted me.
Off focused and off balanced.
Could there be any more damage?
Can I remain anymore broken than my soul allows me?
The sunshine that hovers over gets more cloudy.
And no matter how sweet I try to make it sound,
My pride is broken down.
I observe the tragic scenes as a bystander,
Searching for a clear answer that may be hiding.
As I approach my clear skies,
My memory defogs.
I begin to discharge all the bad flashbacks,
Remembering that,
Crashes just call for a new way,
A new change,
Raw substance for my mind’s eye.

Copyright 2012 Ta’Mesha Smith


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