Appreciating the Simplicity of Life

“Nothing in life should be easy if its worth having, but it’s only as hard as you make it.”- MeshaLeigh

As me and my daughter took our daily adventure to the drug store for our dose of sugar, our faces freezing in Minnesota’s 20 degree weather, particles of snow beautifully placed on the ground from Thanksgiving’s surprise, I used that vital time for insight.  Ignoring the weight of my struggles, we stride along pointing out the positives rather than the negatives of life’s situations.  There is hope in the future for more of the things I want to get us through this freezing winter, but for the moment we enjoy the scenery, taking in these precious moments because I know one day our lives won’t consist of this much simplicity.  I’m anxious for the future all while appreciating the moment.

Anything can be seen from an ugly point of view.  You can look at your life with disgust or you can realize its beauty, whether its within chaos or peace and simplicity.  Viewing things from a negative aspect can and will make things harder.  Decisions won’t be as easy, thoughts will be more cloudy, and your appreciation for life will depreciate, not giving you the faith for a brighter future.  We struggle within ourselves all while trying to balance outside forces. Things will not be easy, only those things that come naturally, but everything from attitudes to skills must be learned over time.  Take random moments to breathe life in, take in everything around you knowing that things do change, situations never stay the same, and the simple things and moments sometimes matter the most.

I appreciate my struggles because they will not always be here.  I can one day look back and see all the progress that brought me to an eternity of happiness and success.  There is a peaceful flame that forever burns in me.

Copyright 2012 Ta’Mesha Smith


4 thoughts on “Appreciating the Simplicity of Life

    1. Yes! This new environment for me is completely out of my comfort zone (although over time things are becoming more familiar) I have experienced all of this growth! It’s not over and NOT easy but it makes life so much more enjoyable! We can’t settle for the familiar because then we don’t grow!

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