DON’T Follow Your Passion?

This is a bit of a random post but before my mind becomes too scrambled I must get this out.

I just read an article about NOT following your passion and for a second I feel the need to get VERY passionate. For the person who wakes up each morning, dragging themselves to a job they hate, a 9-5 that makes them miserable and they waste their lives being unhappy, that is a choice. Following your passion is what you should do because that is a vital step, if not the most important, towards living out your dreams. Of course many times we find different callings. For the article to state that having a passion for writing isn’t enough sounds extremely depressing to me. What else do you have if not passion, motivation, and dreams? With my writing I WILL inspire, I WILL heal, and I WILL create love and compassion while helping others find their passion. Even if I am my only supporter, sometimes all you have is yourself to believe in your abilities.

I don’t plan on being limited as a writer, aside from having my own salon and clothing line, I want to be a screenwriter, author, poet, songwriter, and maybe even some short stories. There aren’t any limitations to what you WANT to do in life. It’s YOUR life and whatever your calling may be, don’t hesitate to answer each time it presents itself. The article also stated that only after 10 years of vigorous writing then maybe you will get somewhere. If you are dedicated and have passion, if that is where your heart is, why stray away from that? Be diverse, enjoy the ride, and don’t stay so one track minded. Take each opportunity that comes your way and your life’s purpose will emerge. Life is a journey.

You must find or create a voice for yourself. One thing is, no one has a reason to listen to you at the moment but who says you don’t deserve to be the next best seller? There are plenty of musicians with followers just because of their image, not because of what they have to say. Make them listen! Make them hear you! A passion is something you can never give up on no matter how many downfalls you have or slammed doors in your face. Whether it be writing or becoming a lawyer, live your passion each day to its full potential and things will happen for you. Little by little you will notice your story unfolding.

Copyright 2012 Ta’Mesha Smith


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