If the Night Was to Fall Upon My Soul

If the night was to fall upon my soul
I would search for shelter
I would try to evade the dark alleys that lure me unexpectedly
And stop my pride from suffering

Nothing could stop this shadow of darkness
My fears lie within the places I can’t see
My mind can’t seem to make out what’s real and what’s not
Doubt clouds my mind and obscene images begin to form

Taking form of sights that I refuse to ignore
The man took my hand and then pulled me closer to his beliefs
There was no room for God
And by the look in his red eyes I knew I had been captured

Our negative attractions pulled us towards each other
There was a bond that had been formed
Only to be destroyed in a time
A time when I would escape confinement that had been the foundation for my soul’s limitations

I ran until my feet bled
Blood stains and gashes on the back of my legs
He was engrossed in the battle to win me over
Close to the ledge I pulled myself over

Falling deep into the abyss of my morals
Captured by my inner mysteries
No devils other than the ones that are embedded in me
The mirror has been shattered

Copyright 2012 Ta’Mesha Smith


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