Literary Madness

My thoughts were rearranged to fit the lines of the page
Shortening constant worries into phrases
And then watching them evaporate like they never existed
I singlehandedly listed each emotion that is felt within my body
A need for therapy turned into a hobby
As I write, my soul leaps off this body
Capable of reaching endless desires that this life promised me
Although the world doesn’t owe me anything
I give it the full responsibility of the hypnosis of my brain
Forcing my presence to be estranged
Take every word I speak until you have left me drained
Crossing boundaries that I know are far too dangerous
But I must take the risk

A sticky situation
I use sticky notes to fill in the blank spaces
Little meanings of inspiration and motivation to keep me fueled
I tend to ignore all the rules
When it comes to the freedom of expression
I live this
The margins are where my soul tends to exist
Fade away into the pages for days
And its not to keep the outsiders away
But to gain insight on all my flaws
Because nobody’s perfect
Regardless of the smile that appears on the surface
I no longer long for acceptance
Seeing how everyones story is lived out different

Placing myself distant when vulnerability attacks
Refusing to be open or caught slipping to get stabbed with my own pen in the back
Resilience to keep my life’s purpose on track
I use the blue lines to pull me back into place
A few binders knocking me over the head
Hailing metaphors and similes
Peace infused with commas and catastrophes
My own literary whirlwind
For hours traveling through a head spin
Tears of joy shifting out and in

I learned to never rely on a friend
But only the faith in the strength of my pen
I use its power to make amends
With the enemies that invade my mind space
They try to take away this peace of mind that I’ve acquired overtime
But all in all they will never win
The utensils recreate my plans
Turning these dreams into realities
Inspiration has became my best friend
This long lasting friendship where only we understand

All the possibilities that could really happen
Retreating into the pages
Brain submerged damn near buried in a rage
Ready to escape into my disposable heaven
Which can only be destroyed in my cranium
When all is said and done
The pen, the notebook, and the pages
Forever keep me company
Eases my integrity for the words in which I have freedom

Copyright 2012 Ta’Mesha Smith


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