Nightly Awakenings

Sleep suppresses my most irrational demons

Caught in surprise by this cup of tea into which I dive to escape my surroundings

Feeling as if I’m drowning deeper and deeper until sadness surrounds my lungs

Compressing all the joy that ever was

Sweet sips to bring me back into alignment with this line of complexity

That my sorrows have fabricated

Look for my whereabouts tomorrow and you shall find me lingering

With my heart wide open while blood drips down my sleeves

I bleed for this morality that I’ve subjected to

Eject what’s left of me and place it on a throne

Locate me anywhere but near home

For my sanity is in a rush to evade pleasure

In this mind of a state where my nuts and bolts are screwed in backwards

Copyright 2012 Ta’Mesha Smith


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