Imagination Should Never Die


Dreams are created and embedded in our subconscious as children. Long before we know about the harsh realities of our tomorrow. At that time in life, imagination truly has no restrictions or limitations. We dream of being dancers, firefighters, doctors, and singers, but somewhere along the lines we get convinced by the doubts of others that our dreams are too far fetched to come to life and be pursued. The naysayers make us believe that the success we want in life is impossible, but the impossible doesn’t exist. You only limit yourself within the boundaries of your mind. Some of us get lost along the way eventually crawling back to our destinies and then others are grateful enough to follow through beyond childhood. For some, those dreams remain just as they are, floating around in our minds only a daydream away.

For those of us who have kids I think it is so important to believe in them while being supportive of their dreams. I feel as though with some things in life excuses just won’t fit. Engaging with our children and breathing happiness, hope, and faith into them each day is one of those things. It’s something bigger than ourselves, our dreams and theirs. We need guidance, not hindering and unsupported shouts and whispers in our face.

How many more successful people would we have in our world today if imagination never subsided as we turned into teenagers. If the same wild and crazy dreams we had back then still burned strongly within us today. Recognize the potential that lies within yourself and your children. Never let anyone tell you what you can’t do or won’t be because they have failed themselves at pursuing their dreams. All it takes is a little courage, a little fight, and an enormous amount of drive, confidence, and admiration.

Copyright 2012 Ta’Mesha Smith


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