I Still Dream of You


I dreamed of you last night and it reminded me what I couldn’t settle for. It reminded me that your heart was still out there, waiting on me patiently for me to get everything together. This morning, my heart was awakened by random feelings, emotions that need to be comprehended but I always fail when trying. So, I leave them alone and my place my thought in your direction. Place my love on the line of duty willing to get shot down for a moment of your love. A moment of your time to accept me. I have learned to accept myself, so I’m only hoping you can do the same. How at ease will you come to me? Like, will the signs be clear or will I have to decipher what stands before my eyes. Keep all secrets undisguised so I never have to wonder with my strength on the line. It’s possible to get broken down but for you will I resist? Will it be something my soul refuses to miss because you are apart of me. Even before we are joined physically I still feel your spiritual energy, you take me higher. Higher than any level of amazement. Chase my words with you faith, believe in me to speak happiness through my truth. Believe in me to bring life to your days. Peace and simplicity to make our lives sweet with beauty pronounced through the words you speak to me. Is it possible to love you any more before knowing what you will truly mean to me?

Copyright 2012 Ta’Mesha Smith


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