Life is Truly What You Make It


This life is truly what you and only you make it. I sometimes feel like I got to cheat a little bit when it comes to figuring my purpose out so early, because my reason for waking up everyday is clear to me. It has been clear since January 6, 2012 at 10:28 p.m. Seeing my daughter’s smiles throughout the day brings me so much happiness that I’m not sure I would have gotten on my own. She motivates me and keeps my priorities in line when I at times lose sight of myself. It frightens me to think about the person I would have been if she would have never came along. I truly believe I would have lost my mind completely by now. Having her only puts more passion in my pen strokes because I am the one that must guide her. I always ask myself how can I tell my daughter to love life and achieve her dreams, constantly preaching happiness, compassion, love and freedom and other vital essentials to life, if I’m not doing the same. I feel like some people use their children as excuses to why they couldn’t do this or do that but I plan on having my daughter right beside me along the way. There is still a person in me outside of being a mother and once she reaches the point in her life where she’s ready to fly on her own, I won’t be one of those parents depressed at the fact she has left the nest. I will be proud of who I raised knowing that life will continue. I will still be a mother and I will still have a life full of happiness and potential.

I must always stay positive and optimistic because there isn’t time nor energy to be any other way. The same amount of energy that can be put towards being negative and constantly upset or sad can be used towards emotions that make you feel alive rather than feeling as if life is constantly trying to take shots at you. Sadness very much so exist, life is not a breeze, pain is real, and sometimes what we want or put our faith in doesn’t go as planned but it’s how quickly you recover that matters the most. At the moment, I see life this way, I have things to do, people to help and inspire, places to see, nature to breathe in, stories to create, a daughter to raise and so much more! There really isn’t time for much more if it doesn’t include progress and my well being. That includes some friendships that I may have valued in the past. It’s difficult to let things like that go but I can’t let anything or anyone hinder my growth especially if we’re not on the same page.

Some of the poorest people in the world wake up happy each day. This society of ours has made happiness out to be something only obtained through wealth, social status, and health but that’s nowhere near where it starts. It begins with your attitude. Once your basic living essentials are met, money only adds momentary satisfaction. Once it’s gone or gets boring, how much of yourself will you have left?

Countless advertisements and commercials are pounded into our subconscious everyday trying to convince us that we should look a certain way or have a certain product to live this lavish life, but the truth is, you only need to feel a certain way and the only place to get what you need is within yourself and no amount of money in the world can purchase it. The less things you have actually give you more clarity to life or else you need a well developed sense of self worth to know that at the end of the day, the possessions you have don’t matter, they just make living more comfortable. For the people that work hard for what they have in life, they deserve it. Everyone deserves the best in life, whatever your definition of “best” may be.

“People think you need to have everything you want in life to be happy, but you must first have happiness, then you will have everything you want.”- MeshaLeigh

Copyright 2012 Ta’Mesha Smith


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