My Passion For You

I learned a long time ago to place beauty within simplicity. Your love, it sounds so cliche but it is the essence of the beauty I’m always trying to find. I stare out the window watching the snow fall effortlessly onto the ground. Could you creep into my heart the same way? Wrap ourselves around each other on the days when heat is scarce. Only power rising is the power within our bodies. The snow sits on the trees the way your love graciously weighs me down. It’s not an unbearable weight, more like, carrying a world on my shoulders that only I can handle. Melting as it reaches the surfaces like my skin when you place your hands on my shoulder. I find myself drifting away, closing my eyes, trying to remember what it was truly like to be in your arms. Just to even be in your presence. I’m not even sure of what I’m feeling but this is beautiful. What words can I really find to express this deep passion that I have for you? Crossing boundaries that I said I never would but it’s only because, of course, I admire you.

The night is approaching so I won’t be able to notice the snow so easily the way I am now. Your smile will still shine bright even through this winter’s night. As you bid me goodnight, I read closely in between the lines of your lips, trying to find tiny, hidden messages that you try to send me. Once again, I’m drifting and you slowly catch me falling into this abyss of a grave that my impatience dug for myself. I’m taking the risk of never seeing you again so don’t let me slip away.

(I dug deep to find a picture but I just couldn’t find what I was looking for) 😦
Copyright 2012 Ta’Mesha Smith


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