The Key to Happiness

“Unconditional love for life is the key to happiness.”- MeshaLeigh

the key to happiness

Let me elaborate:

Happiness is not a continuous stream of euphoria that hits you every second of the day where there is no sadness, no failure, no pain, and all the other countless battles we face in life. Happiness is a way of life where we must grasp the concept that everything will not always go as planned. Resilience and flexibility are key values to have for life’s trials to run smoothly. Most times the road will be bumpy because we humans insist on making things complicated, but we all know anything worth having will not be easy when trying to obtain it.

Unconditional love is having the strength, courage, and loyalty to persevere even when times get hard. Never giving up on something no matter what troubles are constantly making themselves a priority. Maintaining a smile even after the pain because you know the difficult times will not always be relevant. Never giving up and bouncing back like an invisible spring is attached to you. Holding optimism in your hand and never letting it slip away all while on this shaky ride we call life.

Copyright 2012 Ta’Mesha Smith


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