Forever Helplessly Waiting


If only I could float away
Letting the water carry me to a land I’ve never been before
If only the boat could withstand the weight of my worries
Accepting my heavy burdens as they cause the boards to creek
Anxious to reach dry land so I won’t drown in my own pity
Shameful of my demons like God has disowned me
If only I could float carelessly above the waves
Just drifting
Hopefully someone will attempt to save me
Grab my hand while pulling me in telling me everything will be alright
Reassuring me that the sunset that I constantly witness will begin to rise again
And again, and again
But it won’t stay forever
Just as my happiness as it sinks to the bottom
Washed upon the shore with stale sand beneath my feet
Walking barefoot noticing the true beauty that surrounds me
A calmness that is so still I could lie this bomb on
Treading through the trees quickly if it happens to explode
A ringing in my ears with blurred vision losing my stability
The ground beneath me becomes a bit shaky
I collapse with no chance to exhale
Trembling with silence when I speak
Gasping for this toxic air to float into my lungs
As I lie there

Copyright 2012 Ta’Mesha Smith


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