Stupid Writer’s Block


Writer’s block taking my mind hostage
My body attempts to ignore it while pushing through
Trying to reach a euphoric atmosphere
The anxiousness of my finger tips struggle to glide onto the page
Put the pen in a visible place but I still can’t grasp it
It’s like I’m getting laughed at
I’m watching my ideas run away
Turning around with a mischievous smile like
“Ha Ha! You can’t catch me”
Playing with my creativeness
So much confusion and clutter
Loud shouts and mutters
Feeling edgy trying to free my mind of worries
Well put the words on the page!
My inner voice keeps taunting me
Floating words and verbs keep haunting me …

Can you tell I’m frustrated?
On the verge of running out of patience
Willing to commit a crime
Tripping my thoughts up and pin them against the wall
You better not fall!
At least not until I write you down
All while I do it with a frown
Arguing with me trying to always be perfect
Not accepting the mediocre words
Wanting to be the most superb
My evil twin makes me sick
But she just released me from the prison of Writer’s Block Mental Institution

Copyright 2012 Ta’Mesha Smith


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