When feelings turn into shame
And my heart feels like it can no longer prevail
I retreat into my cocoon shielding myself from the uncertainties of love’s tomorrow
I’d rather my heart be hollow and sabotage any prospectives
As soon as they fall in love
Be the one to leave before I get neglected
Before I’m the one standing in the door way
Crying what’s next
Never being close to second best because they never get a chance to dismiss my love
Far from gullible so I won’t believe anything they whisper in my ear
Dismiss the broken hearts and the broken tears to separate myself from what I know hurts
I will go out of my way to not care because I know what it feels like
To have your hands sweating
Heart beating fast
And your thoughts running faster than any logic can catch up to
Done with the abundance of lies and the lack of truth
The blatant disrespect and the verbal abuse
Tongue tied like my heart is twisted in this whirlwind
Pull the blindfold over my eyes
Pull the trigger and


Copyright 2012 Ta’Mesha Smith


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