vulnerability fishin boat

Walking away with a shut off heart
Trying to recover with the little pieces I have left
I watched it as it fell onto the floor

I scrambled trying to round up whatever I could recognize in the dark
Because I couldn’t recognize myself
Crawling on my hands and knees desperately detaching myself from the pain

Being clumsy left and right
How’d I trip in love again?
The enemy stands before me with my heart beating in its hands

My actions led up to these circumstances
Sulking and bettering my chances of not seeing a tomorrow

Someone turn the lights on
So my innocent eye can easily see where its going
Honing in on my flaws so I can’t carry myself

Struggling, pushing, and pulling
Dragging my own misery on the floor
Watching the despair trail behind me and creep

I never even have to speak for them to know I’m vulnerable
You can see through me like an open wound

Copyright 2012 Ta’Mesha Smith


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