My Dark Life on This Dark Night


My heart has a blind spot
And I made a mistake by never looking over my shoulder
To notice the unnoticed
The invisible that side swiped me by surprise

I caught whiplash with a sprained back
From always bending over backwards
Trying to fall too fast
Then lose my sanity afterwards

I invested my blood, sweat, and tears
Even knowing it would end in disaster
Endured all the curves and bumpy roads
Trying to bring back to life what would be broken forever

A crash course on a highway to hell’s most dangerous pit
I hate feeling like this
It’s a dangerous world within my heart’s boundaries
While noticing the gashes that wound me so greatly

That’s why I must step outside what sadness is so normal to me
Even in the driver seat I refuse to open my eyes
Noticing the truth that surrounds me

With my world so shaky
I will be falling off the cliff soon
Only to crash and notice the easiness of the moon
My dark life on this dark night

Will I ever recover?
With all the bruises and lethal thoughts to smother
With sore eyelids from shutting out this injury
Too bad my heart could feel everything

I’m still entitled to reckless gazing
Casually acting as if I’m untroubled
Brushing off the dirt on my shoulder
Watching my reputation effortlessly fall to the ground

Hoping that my courage will take a backseat
And not make a peep nor a sound
Just let me live in my dark night for this moment

Copyright 2012 Ta’Mesha Smith


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