My Comfort Zone

I find myself trying to retreat to what’s familiar
Being a recluse
Shielding out the world with my depressing thoughts
When I know how to be happy

I know how to end my suffering
And the harmful thoughts that bring toxicity to my surroundings
There’s being myself
Then there’s the person that I try to be

Who chooses to be unhappy?
Sad days full of tears and unnecessary rage
Lashing out on people I used to respect
Beautiful memories turned bitter

Ugly attitudes have an effect on your appearance
I notice this when I look in the mirror
Smiles don’t seem the same
I can tell when my put on seems fake

I’m more than convinced that some people choose to be unhappy
Living in their superficial worlds wanting pity
I wish someone would have told me to snap out of it and break the bad habits
Sometimes tough love is never enough

Copyright 2013 Ta’Mesha Smith


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