A long lasting love that influenced this confusion
Remembering how my heart was ripped to pieces
Shredded in disbelief of what was happening
Love seemed to be played out
With all the tears that have been cried out

I used to chase the dream of always wanting you close to me
But the day came when I had to wake up and smell the truth of what was going on
Actions that showed you love me
But words so sharp and clean
Months would go by before I noticed the bleeding

Peaceful sleep is hard to come by most days
When I roll over
And notice the sheets are colder than expected
Nervous and unsteady
I don’t want to roll out of bed most days because it hurts too much

Desperately reaching for the glass that sits patiently on my night stand
My tension is released with each sip I take to drown myself in this state of distraction
Heartbreak is my headache and I can’t seem to shake it
The truth of my life
I can’t seem to take it

Can I just awaken when my heart turns back onto solid ground?

Copyright 2013 Ta’Mesha Smith


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