Falling Out of Love

He let me in with a heart opened wide
There are days when I feel tricked like I was born with a clown smile
And this heartache will remind me of that forever
Seeing his face makes me feel uneasy
My ligaments grow shaky
Knocking and buckling
A seat belt would have been great for my pride’s protection
My own faithful words used as a weapon
Every word I spoke and brought to life was for a reason
I needed you
I loved you
Tell me why you didn’t
There should be no missions in life to make everyone happy
But wasn’t my happiness worth it?
Didn’t I deserve your time with a purpose?
Tore down a few doors to unlock my love for you
And let it escape beyond a point that my recognition can’t reach
I suppose the outcome was pretty decent
Judging by the way you still look at me
Indeed my will can beat this
Shrinking you down to a figment of my imagination
Still seeing your face when I close my eyes
A smile that mended a thousand cries
Sometimes I wish there were no memories in goodbyes
Then just maybe it wouldn’t hurt so much to walk away

Copyright 2013 Ta’Mesha Smith


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