The Complexity of My Soul


Something so small as a body able to hold something so mighty as a soul. With the abundance of emotion one can embody. Faith beyond measures, all trapped inside this human’s realm. I believe spirits are too great to be contained when they reach a certain level of maturity. That is why death is the point where we outgrow this physical state, going into a state of complete tranquility. Feelings are so great and hard to understand. This is what it must feel like to be alive. The true test is not letting your thoughts run your life. At times we create more problems for ourselves than what actually exist. Sometimes our fantasy worlds start doing more harm than good. We have to create the right kind of encouraging world for ourselves that is going to be beneficial to us when conquering our life’s difficulties.

All the words in the world can’t seem to describe how I feel most days. I stare at the dictionary with jealously. Like a constant flow of writer’s block that knows me better than I know myself. Times when things seem more clear than the most purified, expensive water and then those other days when fog won’t seem to go away and clouds stalk my forecast with an evil grin, laughing. It’s sharp teeth portrayed by a separation in my air space. A conniving enemy that takes pride in providing confusion. I’d like to believe that my desires could flow like rain but the inspiration will probably be too much to take notice. Knowing I’m the only one standing in my way. Am I ready to live? Exploring this true writer’s high, manifesting my truth through these pages. It’s a scary catastrophe that leaves me wondering for countless days.

Copyright 2013 Ta’Mesha Smith


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