Happiness States …


Happiness states that every aspect of life can coexist peacefully. Pain doesn’t have to be shut out. It can be acknowledged, worked through, understood, and healed. Forgiveness isn’t easy but when someone has already forgiven themselves and God has also, why continue to hold grudges towards an issue that is hindering the love and acceptance in your heart. Happiness also states that there are no rules. Do what makes you happy while keeping things simple. Too much distraction in life makes things complicated when beauty lies in the most simplest pleasures. We don’t have to live in fear of anything but the maximum ability of ourselves.

Happiness is the key to a wholesome existence. It’s something that we make so complex, needing complete guides to find what truly matters to us and something that will always be only within our souls. It can’t be discovered anywhere else. All the power we need is provided from a constant source of energy and that source must be tapped into. You create the life for yourself that you want with the thoughts and the memories that you gather.

Copyright 2013 Ta’Mesha Smith


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