Split Personalities


Splitting my personality to fit onto each side of the page
I wonder which side of my brain knows me better
My colorful side leaves me vulnerable
While my world of black and white is indecisive

I’m more than convinced that I’m completely off balanced
And none of my voices can get along together
We forever disagree
Afraid that our demons will become exposed

An innocence that was once predisposed to the secrets that my inner mystery hides
A tear of disturbance to crawl out my eyes because my mind’s too crowded
Nobody likes to stay in their place
And everyone’s always getting loud

And, most days I can’t seem to chase the obvious away
Living rent free
Taking up everything I have
My maturity was induced once they moved in

My vision had to witness the root of the problem
Enjoying the scariness of seeing me alive rather than dead
So I can experience the pain of living inside my own head
Most people cease without getting themselves to understand what it is that they’re truly composed of

Hoping my truth will be discovered
While my sanity stands alone searching for the answers
The clarity
I’ve accepted the fact that I can be crazy and happy

Copyright 2013 Ta’Mesha Smith


2 thoughts on “Split Personalities

  1. I know EXACTLY what this feels like!!! I have equal amounts of this stuff too. It can make you really adaptable, but oh so indecisive as you can never feel totally satisfied or pleased with any one decision. I love how you summed it all up in the end: Just be CRAZY and HAPPY!!! You’ve got it. Cheers from one freak to another 🙂

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