A Love Addiction


Floating above all of our memories
So, why does this pain still seem so real to me?
I thought being heartless was suppose to numb anything I ever believed in

A friendship with the sweetest sensations
Longing for our innocent temptations
Giving up hope on us was a struggle
But it was easier than staying and losing

Our time together had ran out of breath
Countless hurdles that our love just wasn’t strong enough for
The door is wired shut
But the words left unsaid and feelings that have subsided still seem to creep out and haunt me

Beating on the walls of my heart
Healing turned into injury
Three steps of recovery
And then a jump back into relapse

Battling with the sincerity of my intentions to get over him
Trying to forgive myself for all that I’d missed
While diving in head first
I forgot about the truth that lied on my surface that I had abandoned

Stable and standing now on solid ground
Remembering a foreign smile that I will soon reunite with
Willing and tempted to go out of my way
For what now matters the most

Copyright 2013 Ta’Mesha Smith


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