Floating Hopelessly


What is passion if there is no emotion on your sleeve for the world to admire? To not feel vulnerable is not living life with your heart in everything that you do. Your mind is suppose to provide the logic but we can’t always believe our thoughts. And those emotions and feelings that I sometimes despise, get us into more trouble than we can sometimes handle on our own. I don’t trust either of them. Nor do I trust everything I read and the false hallucinations I at times visualize with my own two eyes. It’s like I’m just going off of intuition.

What am I doing if I’m not risking anything?

Copyright 2013 Ta’Mesha Smith


2 thoughts on “Floating Hopelessly

  1. hmmmm. The world is not lived through the lens of a distant telescope. It’s lived in the present, in the immediate, in the right now. Be in the moment, absorb your life and carry it with you and forget it when it’s gone. Today is all you’ll ever have.

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