Alcoholic Worries


The alcohol seems to numb my pain
And the smoke just so happens to make the worries all float away
The flick of the lighter soothes my lustful desires
Problems still remain once sobriety arises

My beauty is hidden beneath these scars
These ugly faces and false perceptions I’ve placed on my surface
My pride can’t seem to take the time out to listen
With an ego as wide as the smile I used to posses

Each bone within my chest feels crushed
Like all the life in me has been forced out
Seeing it as ungrateful
If I don’t take the opportunity to escape this painful reality

Alcohol is suppose to heal all wounds and free them from infection
But my heart is still wide open
I give you all of me
And a chance to be used as a weapon

Taken advantage of
Beaten down by the ones you love
My mind can’t seem to wrap itself around the fact that I’m rolling out of options
Running at an unsteady pace

With my hope tripping at the end of the race
And falling flat on its face
My faith seems to have shifted as the ground beneath me collapses
Dropping low below my personal standards

There’s a fire burning with trick candles
The alcohol only fuels what I attempt to suppress
Keep stable and under-arrest
Only tears in its purest form can extinguish a danger unspoken of

I was led to believe that alcohol heals all wounds

Copyright 2013 Ta’Mesha Smith


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