Bedroom Nightmares

My dreams become more like nightmares as my span widens
Reaching for something tangible but fear breaches anywhere outside of my comfort zone
Giant pieces of reality lets me know that I will never sleep peacefully
Creeping further away from my bedside each night
I feel my hope and faith abandoning me

Clear the smoke from my air space so my pride can breathe again
A quick fuel in resuscitation to revive the life in me
Greet me with a startle of a rude awakening
Life’s uncertainties keep rolling me over
Effortlessly trotting along the path of a future I always second guess

Spending my precious dawns questioning petty things my heart has always known
Beauty can never fade once it has been embedded in my bed sheets
Tumbling over softly trying to relive these dreams once again
A tiny wisp of scent taking me back to a time where days were okay
Okay enough to lay my head each evening without my soul bleeding onto the mattress
Soaking up any possibilities that have wandered their way towards me

If only some mornings I could awake from these realities
Sink back into the comfortability of my plush dreams
Lie there in denial like my bed will be okay if I don’t remake the damage that has been done
Recreate damaging morals that have been steered wrong
Longing for a familiar face as I look towards the dresser
This bed of dreams has been holding me hostage

Copyright 2013 Ta’Mesha Smith


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