Life’s Hurdles

As the tables turn I notice a new side of the fence
The grass isn’t always greener when you’re approaching new arenas
New beginnings in life’s spirals
New troubles with life’s trials
Early morning arrivals and rude awakenings
Screams from my soul bringing attention to my suffering
My mind is still wondering
From the days when playing on the play ground was the gist of my day
But now these snakes make the playing field so unsafe
It’s like how do I survive
With my tongue glued to my mouth
Words slowly surface with full resistance
Standing firm on solid ground so I won’t fall through the surface
The pits and cracks out back that those before me only avoided
Trotting along on a path that hasn’t been fully recovered
Or restored and reconstructed so I won’t stumble and fall
I keep ladders for days like this when my laser beam ceases to exist
Only the bad guys within me are my only enemies
And my nerves are the only reason for my worries
I will soon walk again
But until the grass becomes more fertile
And bumps and holes are not disguised as hurdles
I limp within full recovery

Copyright 2013 Ta’Mesha Smith


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